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Dr. Jordan Samhi

Research Associate
University of Luxembourg
Software Engineering and Software Security

About Me

I am a Research Associate working in Software Security and Software Engineering at the University of Luxembourg. I am part of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) and member of TruX research group. My research is about automating software security with static code analysis. More particularly, I have a strong interest to improve the comprehensiveness of software analysis towards ensuring the security and reliability of software systems. Currently, I am focusing on Android systems. Before, I was a Ph.D. student at the University of Luxembourg, supervised by Prof. Dr. Jacques Klein and Prof. Dr. Tegawendé F. Bissyandé. During my Ph.D., I visited Prof. Dr. Michael D. Ernst and Prof. Dr. René Just in the PLSE research group at the University of Washington, USA.

Recent Scientific Publications


Conference Organization
  • SANER 2023 (Session Chair), ECOOP/ISSTA 2023 (Publicity Chair and Web Chair)

  • Conference Program Committee Member
  • ISSTA 2023 (Artifact Evaluation Committee member), ICA3PP 2023 (Program Committee member), MSR 2023 (Junior Program Committee member), MOBILESoft 2023 (Program Committee member), SANER 2023 (Program Committee RENE track), A-Mobile 2022 (Program Committee member), ICA3PP 2022 (Program Committee member), ASSS 2022 (Program Committee member), MSR 2022 (Shadow PC member), EuroSys 2022 (Shadow PC member), A-Mobile 2021 (Program Committee member), ECOOP 2021 (Artifact Evaluation Committee member), MSR 2021 (Shadow PC member)

  • Journal Board Membership
  • IJBASC, from 2022 (Editorial Review Board Member)

  • External Conference Reviews
  • ISSTA 2023 (Subreviewer), SANER 2023 (Subreviewer), ASE 2022 (Subreviewer), ASE 2021 (Subreviewer), ICSE 2020 (Subreviewer), ASE 2020 (Subreviewer), CECC 2019 (Subreviewer)

  • Journal Reviews