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Dr. Jordan Samhi

Postdoctoral Researcher
CISPA – Helmholtz Center for Information Security
Software Engineering and Software Security

About Me

I serve as a Postdoctoral Researcher at CISPA, specializing in Software Security and Software Engineering. I contribute to the Software Research Group research group's ongoing efforts in this field, led by Prof. Dr. Andreas Zeller. My research focuses on harnessing the power of static code analysis to automate software security, with a keen interest in enhancing the comprehensiveness of software analysis to ensure the utmost security and reliability of software systems. Currently, my work centers on Android systems, seeking innovative ways to protect and optimize these platforms. Prior to my current role, I was a Postdoc and pursued my Ph.D. at the University of Luxembourg under the expert guidance of Prof. Dr. Jacques Klein and Prof. Dr. Tegawendé F. Bissyandé. During my doctoral studies, I visited and collaborated with Prof. Dr. Michael D. Ernst and Prof. Dr. René Just, both members of the PLSE research group at the University of Washington, USA.

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Conference Organization
  • ISSTA 2023 (Session Chair), MOBILESoft 2023 (Session Chair), ASE 2023 (Publicity Chair and Session Chair), SANER 2023 (Session Chair), ECOOP/ISSTA 2023 (Publicity Chair and Web Chair)

  • Conference Program Committee Member
  • MSR 2024 (Program Committee Registered Report track), SANER 2024 (Program Committee Tool Demo track), A-Mobile 2023 (Program Committee member), ISSTA 2023 (Artifact Evaluation Committee member), ICA3PP 2023 (Program Committee member), MSR 2023 (Junior Program Committee member), MOBILESoft 2023 (Program Committee member), SANER 2023 (Program Committee RENE track), A-Mobile 2022 (Program Committee member), ICA3PP 2022 (Program Committee member), ASSS 2022 (Program Committee member), MSR 2022 (Shadow PC member), EuroSys 2022 (Shadow PC member), A-Mobile 2021 (Program Committee member), ECOOP 2021 (Artifact Evaluation Committee member), MSR 2021 (Shadow PC member)

  • Journal Board Membership
  • IJBASC (Editorial Review Board Member)

  • External Conference Reviews
  • ISSTA 2023 (Subreviewer), SANER 2023 (Subreviewer), ASE 2022 (Subreviewer), ASE 2021 (Subreviewer), ICSE 2020 (Subreviewer), ASE 2020 (Subreviewer), CECC 2019 (Subreviewer)

  • Journal Reviews